WoW #3 – Gary Clark Jr. – “Star”

Gary Clark Jr. – “Star”

Everywhere you go, just know that you’re a star…

I found myself humming this on the way to work today. The perfect vibe for a Monday morning.

Gary Clark Jr. wrote “Star” while he was readying himself for the adventure of parenthood. His first son – eight months old when I spoke to Gary in Berlin two years ago – was about to splash down on Planet Earth and Gary was doing some serious soul searching. “What am I doing with my life? I gotta get my shit together. I gotta really focus and be responsible for another human being.”

He found himself thinking about his own upbringing in Austin, Texas and the way in which his father, in particular, had empowered him.

“‘Star’ comes from thinking about my dad and just acknowledging that he was there and supportive and encouraging. Then it flips to me singing to my boy. Just trying to pass along that confidence.”

Everywhere you go, just know that you’re a star … What better message to pass along to a newborn child?


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